The Government requires that all meters be certified by 1 April 2015. In the majority of cases this means replacement of the existing meters, so going Smart was the wise choice. We are changing over 40,000 meters in the North Canterbury and Kaikoura regions. We want to provide information from advanced meters to electricity retailers and distributors who can benefit from this by:

  • Increased accuracy and frequency of meter reads
  • Reduced need to visit installations for future changes and service
  • Power accounts will be based upon actual consumption not on an estimate
  • Alerts if your have a power failure or if your supply voltage is too high or too low
  • Decrease in power usage at peak times
  • Improved Management of power outages leading to quicker restoration of power supply

The retailers will be able to introduce new services and innovative tariffing to their customers thanks to the collection of interval consumption. A good example of this is peak and off-peak tariffing, where the consumer is able to benefit from cheaper electricity charges in off-peak periods.

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